Best Home Improvements For Added Value

The best and most valuable home improvement idea will reward your investments of money and time with higher home value now and at the time you sell your home. In each of the past 15 years, over one million homeowners spent more than $10,000 on a kitchen, bath or other major remodeling project, according to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. And experts say such home improvements are generally a good investment.

But tackling a home improvement idea does not always mean an increase in the value of your home. While some projects will increase a home’s value, others may have the same payback as a losing lottery ticket. Before you open your checkbook, there are a few things you should consider to make sure the end result produces a return on your investment–in both time and money.

Value check: Before deciding how much to spend on a major improvement, get an estimate of the current value of your home. With such websites as AOL Real Estate, you can get started by entering your street address to get a current estimate of what your house might sell for in today’s market, as well as the prices that similar homes have recently sold for in your neighborhood. By comparing these prices with renovation estimates, you’ll avoid over-improving your home in relation to the neighborhood, a common and costly mistake. The best home improvement idea adds value while keeping your home price competitive for the neighborhood.

Motive check: Basically, there are two reasons to make major home improvements: pleasure or necessity. If you’re not planning to move for 10 years or more, you’ll have more time to enjoy your improvements and might not be as concerned about getting a return on the investment. However, if you’re improving your home to ultimately add to its resale value, you’ll need to prioritize and focus on the improvements that will pay off at sale time.

Reality check: Before calling in contractors, get a realistic estimate of what your project might cost by using one of the many available online cost estimators. Most provide an approximate cost of the most common home improvement projects along with data localized to your zip code to adjust for geographic cost differences.

Profit check: According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, the top five remodeling projects are kitchens, baths, other interior rooms, additions and window replacement. And Remodeling Online reports that even though the average minor kitchen remodel will cost about $15,000, you’ll see a return on that investment of 88 percent. Plus, fixing up that tired bathroom can deliver an 81 percent return if the house is sold within one year from the time the work is completed.

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Home Improvement Loans

There are a lot of proposed home loans are designed to increase the home value for Home Improvement Loans and sale in White Bear Lake, MN houses for sale in Roseville MN, houses for sale in Maplewood MN, and other houses in Ramsey County. This type of Home Improvement Loans is called the Ramsey County Deferred Loan. This is a zero (0%) loans for owner-occupiers of properties located. If you are among those who have a condo or house in areas like Shoreview or Roseville, White Bear Lake you can also benefit from this loan program. All the same, only the inner repairs are able condos and townhouses, while small family houses can use this Home Improvement Loans to better the exterior with the interior.

Limitation of row houses and apartments due to improper maintenance of the types of items are generally covered by unions. As each apartment and town home owners pay the association headed by an external service, the only region to limit the use of this loan to repair the interior of houses and duplexes. There are simple instructions to get this loan. Your home must meet the estimated market value of the border, which is typically limited to 120% of the median house in White Bear Lake, Shoreview, Roseville MN, or the city where you live. In addition, the house must be at least 15 years. If you meet these criteria, you may receive up to a maximum $ 15,000 loan, which allows you a nice flexibility to deal with major repairs like a new roof or windows, or a new heating and cooling.

Hurry gets advantage of these Home Improvement Loans! They can improve the values of homes for sale in White Bear Lake, Shoreview, Roseville MN, etc� Or they can help fund a new roof, windows, insulation, or you have always wanted.

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Key Considerations For Home Improvement

Home improvement projects require endless hours of tiring planning and design–the whole process can be exhausting. Prioritizing the tasks can help you deal with the challenges that arise along the way and ensure the success of your home improvement venture.


Updating your home can include many unplanned expenses. If you don’t plan enough, you project can go way over budget. To decrease the chances of this happening, calculate the cost of materials and labor (using official sources�”don’t just guess). After that, add an extra cushion of funds to your budget to cover any unexpected surprises.


Be sure to research everything involved in your home improvement project prior to starting. For example, check out your city’s code for plumbing if you’re doing a bathroom project. It’s also a good idea to get your material and labor costs in writing before you let contractors begin work.


Safety should be your number one concern. Follow all safety rules for each home improvement project and buy the necessary equipment to ensure your safety. It’s also wise to enlist the help of professionals for more complex electrical, plumbing and construction projects.


Keep your home clutter-free during home improvement�”it’s unsightly and poses a safety risk for you, your family and workers at your home. Get rid of it�”you’ll immediately improve the look of your home and give yourself more space to work.

Professional Help

Seeking professional help for your home improvement project can mean the difference between triumph and failure. However, don’t break the bank when hiring professional�”instead, seek bids from several different companies before settling on the right one for your project.

Limit Spending

Don’t purchase expensive fixtures, decorations and furniture for your home if it doesn’t fit in with your budget. Instead, save money by renovating your existing furniture and only buying smaller accent pieces and decorations to compliment.

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